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2011 Gold Ink Silver Award Winner

July/August 2018: In This Issue

Stilbite and Associated Minerals from the Butha-Buthe District, Lesotho, Southern Africa

by Bruce Cairncross and Herman du Plessis

It is the basalt formations in the Butha-Buthe district (pronounced Bootah-Bootair) that have in recent times, from 2012 onward, produced some of the finest examples of stilbite not only from Lesotho but also from southern Africa in general.

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Pyrites Mica Mine (Kelly Farm), Town of Canton, St. Lawrence County, New York

by Steven C. Chamberlain, Donald M. Carlin Jr., Michael R. Walter and David G. Bailey

Starting in 2015, we collected fairly extensively from the dumps and prospected the surrounding area, revealing prospect pits separate from the mine excavations, quartz veins, and a calcite vein with pyrite crystals.

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